Compelled to Come –Highways and Byways (Evangelism Ministry)

This ministry will consist of two areas, members and nonmembers (the saved and the unsaved). It is my vision that God’s people will be empowered in and out of the church and that in this ministry we will meet people where they are. Training and educating members on what is evangelism and also how to evangelize. To be a church that is present and visible in the community.

Lady In Waiting – and the Women Who Have Arrived

 (Singles and Married Women’s Ministry)

This ministry is designed to empower and build up women of all types: single parents, divorced or single so that they know what God is saying and doing concerning our women of today. We will pray that God appoints and anoints a woman of God to spear head the ministry that speaks to and addresses the needs of women.

Standing Tall and Strong – Mighty Men of Value (Men’s Ministry)

This ministry emphasizes the importance of the involvement and commitment of all the men of the church. We will discuss areas that target out men and empower our men that they are the head and not the tail. We will offer several programs and seminars that address areas that affect our men of today.

Heart to Heart – Helpking Strangers/Orphans/Widows (Outreach Ministry)

This ministry is designed to assist members and nonmembers (the saved and unsaved with job placement, GED Programs. Word in Action

 (Drama Ministry)

This ministry is designed to minister to the masses through plays, mime, etc.

S.P.I.R.I.T  (Praise and Worship Ministry)

This ministry is designed to prepare the hearts to receive the Word, to uplift and to draw people to God’s presence.

Intercessory Prayer (Prayer Ministry)

The purpose of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to have continual, effectual, fervent prayer and intercession for Overseers, the church body, communities, cities, states, countries and the entire world.

Build A Bridge (Outreach Ministry)

This ministry is designed to bring parents together in regards to their children. (ex: child support, court disputes, etc.)

Healed and Whole (Deliverance Ministry)

This ministry is designed to heal the broken heart and set the captives free.

Judah Newsletter/Spirit eNews (Newsletter/e-News Ministry)

This ministry is designed to keep the communication open within our church and community.

Speaking The Languages/Talking the Talk (Speak Ministry)

As we seek to reach our multi-ethnic city with the Gospel message, our language ministry is motivated by Act 2:6 which says,..” each heard them speaking in his own language. We have a commitment to reflect the multi-ethnic community in which we live. This also includes sign language.

Righteous Academy School (Children’s Ministry)

“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” — Proverbs 22:6) The Righteous Academy is One in the Spirit Christian Fellowship’s. School for children grades Pre-K – 12th grade.